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An Open Letter to AI from Designers

Dear AI, 

We designers have gotta hand it to you, you’re getting scarily good at what you do. We still remember the days when we would laugh at those funky images you created, you know the ones which had three arms and eight fingers on each of them? Yea, they were pretty terrible. But boy, have you levelled up since then!

Now you’re suddenly churning out smoother website prototypes than some of our entry-level interns. And how on earth are you creating entire presentation decks in just minutes? We used to pull all-nighters hyped up on coffee just to put those together!

Here’s the thing though, we’re actually not mad at you. In fact, we welcome you hustling in and helping us do the grunt work so we can focus our creativity on the fun stuff, you know like actually ideating clever visual concepts, laying out pages with an intuitive eye, choosing colors and fonts that delight…basically all the things that we love and learnt to do years before you came into the picture.

So AI, let’s make a deal. You handle the tedious design tasks where you shine, and we designers will direct our talents to truly connect ideas and inspire change by infusing visuals with creativity, emotion (that you evidently lack) and storytelling flair to captivate audiences and spur action. Deal?

If we stick to this agreement, we’re confident that the both of us, together, will create some pretty magical, not to mention efficient, design solutions together. Just don’t get too smart on us, okay? We still have our pride to protect!

Designers of planet Earth