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Top 5 Business Presentation Tools in the Market Today:

The art of presentation is a skill that only a few think-tanks are capable of efficiently delivering. In the realm of business presentation, nothing explains things more succinctly than a good presentation, capable of communicating even the slightest detail.

Here is a list of the top 5 software applications that come in handy while creating presentations pertaining to business:

1. MS PowerPoint

Ultimately, it all boils down to this one, coveted software called Microsoft Powerpoint. Ever since making its foray into everyday life as a presentation tool, this software has undergone rigorous changes in formats, designed in a way to bring out the best presentations.
The program’s ease of use is one of the reasons why it is still the most preferred software for delivering business ideas in a crisp and concise format. Replete with amazing templates, Powerpoint delivers immaculate visual impact through the added usage of multimedia. This in turn, enhances the viewer’s focus.

2. Keynote

This wonderful application allows you to present a slideshow in the most enjoyable way possible! Keynote works through iCloud, thereby rendering easy access to your work across the board. Available on Apple’s products, this interface allows you to touch/tap your way to creating presentations, replete with smooth slide transitions and animations.
The full-screen view can be used to present your slides or you could alternatively use video mirroring to present it through HDTV.
In case you can’t confirm your presence at an event, you could use Keynote to record audio voice-over and align it with slide timing! All of this for just under a dollar, is a steal!

3. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is the new way to create inspiring presentations, irrespective of whether you’re pitching your idea, delivering a lecture or telling a story. The co-founder Adam Tratt, reveres Haiku Deck as the ‘Instagram’ for pitch decks. This presentation tool involves an interface to create brilliant designs, thereby making your project, simple and fun.
There are numerous features that Haiku Deck entails. The plethora of themes and access to a wide spectrum of photos, goes a long way in delivering a perfect presentation without the slightest bit of hassle. Haiku also makes it easy to import and edit images from Dropbox and Facebook.

4. Projeqt

Move over traditional forms of presenting data and embrace the movement of non-linear presentations. Projeqt, provides a platform that amalgamates user interface with a scope for design, thereby creating a niche for interactive presentations. You can pull out materials from a myriad of sources and post it straight into your presentation. The inexhaustive list of sources also includes Facebook, Youtube and Spotify, in addition to live tweets and blog feeds. With Projeqt, your presentations come to life, thereby shrugging off the whole “static” flow of information. The software also allows you to add audio notes and live streams from the internet! Projeqt thrives on dynamism!

5. Slidesnack
This handy presentation sharing tool enables easy uploads online. This is extremely useful entrepreneurs who want their discourses delivered on time. All you have to do is upload your documents in PDF form and Slidesnack would allow instant access to your presentation.
The Slidesnack interface harbours numerous templates, along with seamless slide transitions to help you engage your audience. You also have the option of recording notes and adding voice to it. “Easy sharing” is the most redeeming feature of this software and you can do so with your colleagues on your website, blog or any social media page.