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Know how motion graphics design influence user experience

As technologies create innovative solutions in the world of design, motion graphics animation in web and mobile user interfaces is becoming a new rage as it leads to higher engagement. Let’s know how motion graphics design influence user experience.

Produce emotionally captivating content

Motion graphics video not only catches the eye of viewers, but it creates an emotional connect with which they can empathize with the experiences that are showcased on the screen. Therefore, when a brand depicts stories through motion graphics, the core messaging should be audience-oriented.

Easy to comprehend

Motion graphics distil information that is easily understandable for a typical viewer. As data is easy to digest when displayed in a visually compelling way, motion graphics video is created around processes, data visualization, and abstract concepts to make the messaging viable for the users.

Reflects your brand personality

While motion graphics in branding is not a new concept but it is a way to showcase your brand’s personality to your audience. So, if a brand is whimsical or serious, the animation should showcase the same emotion. Therefore, it is imperative for a designer to learn how to incorporate design thinking in motion graphics design. 

They are impactful

Generally, the duration of a motion graphics video ranges between 30 seconds to 3 minutes long and within this duration, they create a long-lasting impact in the minds of the viewers. Motion graphics video utilizes the viewer’s information processing ability and creates a significant impact with less content in a small period. So, with motion graphics, long-form content can be visually communicated in a compelling way in less than 15 seconds.

Why is motion graphics design important?

With the advent of digitalization, humans consume a huge amount of eye-catchy and easily digestible content every day. According to research, a person can process visual information in as little as 13 milliseconds proving that the human brain processes visual information easily.  Because of this, marketers use motion graphics to grab their audience’s attention successfully. Here are some techniques in which marketers can use motion graphics:

  • Marketers can use motion graphics video in traditional advertisements (online videos or television commercials to showcase their product or service to the audience.
  • Promotional videos such as viral videos, case studies, testimonials, or user reviews can be showcased with motion graphics.
  • Be it for a product, a new venture, or anything that needs to be explained to the target audience, explainer videos do it all.
  • Social media motion graphics video can be posted to engage the audience on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

Motion design not only helps in increasing the user understanding about your brand, but it aligns them with your goals and brand story to provide an experiential experience like new before.