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5 reasons why Animated Videos help to promote your brand.

Marketing techniques and channels have changed drastically over the years. Along with technological advancements, marketing techniques have found their way of increasing their visibility and reach by incorporating these technological advancements. Coming to the marketing world, video marketing currently holds the golden ticket.

Long gone are the days when hand-drawn pictures were used for creating marketing creatives. Rather now, highly visually receptive and more streamlined videos are taking over.

Many people are visual learners. To this, videos offer the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how to use products or services to prospective customers.

In an age where everyone wants engaging content and high ROI, corporate explainer videos in general, have consistently proven themselves to be an engaging marketing tool.

Here are 5 reasons why animated videos make the headlines today:
Explainer Videos Help You Get Close to Your Audience:

Since you’re providing your audience with visual aids, it becomes easier to understand and relatable towards your audience. It has been found that animated videos are a very compelling way to explain your services in a way that’s easy for your target audience to grasp.

Due to their visual and entertaining nature, explainer videos are more likely to leave a lasting impression on potential customers compared with static text alone.

They Duplicate the Human Touch:

Animated videos can replicate the human element hence making the videos more relatable. In a world full of technology-based media, seeing a drawing, which could have been completed by someone’s own hand, is a refreshing change. Animated videos can be molded to showcase a human story. The point to remember, though, is that the animated videos call to mind the storytelling traditions of old, which is captivating, especially today.

Animated Explainer Videos are Good for Visual and Auditory Learners:

Presently, large amounts of text are an immediate turnoff. Consumers are looking to be compelled with less mental processes involved for them to understand the product. Since visual and auditory aids are easier to learn and understand, animated videos have worked very well as compared to print aids. In addition, videos are visually entertaining, hence resulting in higher attention span also.

animated explainer videos
Animated Explainer Videos are Mobile Compatible:

Presently, most of the people access their social media through their mobile phones. Mobile phones have replaced larger devices and most of the daily functions are seamlessly covered by our smartphones these days. Using old techniques of creating Real life HD videos results in large files and higher software requirements and at the same time were not as compelling. On the other hand, Animated presentation videos are simpler, do not use a large amount of space and are easily re-shareable throughout social media.

animated video

Improve search engine presence with animated videos:

Animated design videos are major ways of increasing website traffic. Engaging and entertaining animated videos make the customer crawl more time on the website thus resulting in higher ranking in SEO results. Since customers are spending more time on your website, this also increases the rate of conversion of your product. With animated videos taking over social media, Google has begun to prioritize video-centric websites.

This has increased the chances of your video content appearing on the first page by 53%.

There is no denying that innovative marketing techniques are ones responsible for growth in this oversaturated market.

Small innovations are resulting in major breakthroughs and in turn, this called for marketers to constantly explore and creative newer methods of increasing brand presence.

Considering the major task being an increased brand presence and establishing a reputed brand identity, animated explainer videos of your products and services go a long way with customer acquisition and retention also.

With YouTube being the second busiest website, this platform provides a perfect opportunity for your business explainer video to reach to many.

Among all your marketing strategies, animated videos are one of the best ways to improve your visibility and interaction with your target audience.

Furthermore, investing in a good quality animated video is a great method to increase your website’s conversion rate and subsequently increase your sales.