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5 Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos for Startups

Before entering the benefits of an explanatory video, we must define what a Startup is. A startup is a great company in its early stage; Unlike a SME, Startup is based on a business that will be scalable faster and easier, making use of digital technologies.

We already know that it is a Startup, now we will talk about why the explanatory videos are so important for this type of companies

Video marketing is gaining strength day after day, companies know it and a startup company knows it more than anyone else. And that is why they are getting more and more on audiovisual content and video in their online marketing strategies.

Video consumption is increasing, platforms such as YouTube, Instagram or Facebook are integrating audiovisual content on their platforms and current devices such as smartphones, tablets or smart televisions encourage and facilitate their consumption.

If you are still hesitating to use video marketing, we tell you 5 benefits that video marketing brings to the companies that will convince you:


Animated Explainer Videos for Startups are a great tool to support the organic positioning and the SEM, for that reason, companies are betting on the videos in their Google AdWords campaigns.


Animated Explainer Videos for Startups are an Omni-channel format, that is, we can use it on YouTube, Facebook, mail, and web … take advantage of that Omnichannel to vitalize your videos and reach more people!


Create animation video companies of quality and interest to your users, that way you will generate a link and your customers will become your own ambassadors spreading your video and, therefore, your brand.


Animated Explainer Videos for Startups enrich the product sheets and can promote sales because they provide credibility and confidence to users.

Emotional marketing:

Nowadays, what prevails are emotions, brands want to create close links with their clients, tell stories that generate emotions and video is the best tool to transmit feelings.

In a world like the current one so saturated with information, it is necessary to create content that touches the feelings and that increases the memory of the brand, which reaches many people and to get it the best tool is video marketing.

If you were not convinced, I give you more benefits to the explanatory video. Animated Explainer Video for Startups serves both for products and services: They can be applied to any topic, regardless of whether your business makes products or provides a service.

It is much easier to use abstract and complex elements; you can explain with examples and integrate graphic elements of your company as icons more naturally

Also, animation videos companies increase the results when companies opt for shorter and entertaining videos, the reward is usually very profitable. An Animated Explainer Videos for Startups has a conversion rate 20% higher than a standard two-minute corporate video.

When the video is short and entertaining, it is more difficult for people to leave your web page; on the contrary, they will stay longer browsing it and better understand what your company is doing.

These are some of the benefits of the video for a Startup and for any company that uses digital marketing and for those that do not use it yet.