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How an animated explainer video help increase conversion rates

Eight to ten seconds! Yes, that’s the time taken by visitors of your website, to convert into potential customers. If you are wondering why your website has a very slow conversion rate, then this article is all for you! You may have invested in a very good web designing company and may have used excellent graphics yet you are distressed to see the visiting minute of your website is below average. On the top of it, you have no idea what is it that is stopping your potential visitors to turn into customers. Well then, maybe your website lacks a good explainer video. If we keep it in a better way, an animated explainer video! Many companies use animated corporate explainer videos as their marketing tool and that is all which works in their favour. Let us now look into the benefits and the role that animated explainer video plays in increasing the conversion rate of your website.


According to a proven fact, the human mind retains more what it sees than what it reads. Also, animated explainer videos are more appealing to the visitors and they actually prefer watching videos than reading the long technical detail of your product on your website. So, if visitors prefer watching videos, so why not prefer investing in an animated explainer video service for your product? More visitors meaning more conversion rates, hence more profits.


We all love simplicity in almost everything. It makes our life easier. And when it comes to simplification of technicalities, everyone would, of course, love it. ‘Simplifying complexities’ is one of the features of an animated explainer video. In about 1-2 minutes, a corporate explainer video conveys a lot more than lines and lines in web pages. Use of appealing graphics and cute characters, make things easier for the human mind and ensures effortless understanding of the product and thereby greater chance of increasing conversion rates.


Animated explainer videos use graphics plus text. It helps communicate better as compared to only text. Also, an animated explainer video has a greater persuasive power towards your product. Greater persuasion means a greater chance to increase conversion rates. Hence one needs no better reason than this to invest in an animated marketing video.


Yes, humour content! As much as it is important in our daily life, the same goes when it comes to increasing your conversion rate. The puns and the jargons used in the animated explainer video to explain the details of the service or product induces humour among the audience and thereby releasing what we called “happy hormones”. These hormones are responsible for making understanding better. And a better understanding means a better chance of increasing conversion rates.


Animated explainer videos, with its vibrant feature, has the capacity to grab the focus of the visitors in one go. And if the video has appealed the visitor, they are more likely to share it on various social media platforms thereby increasing the chance of the corporate explainer video going viral. And if that happens, you are on the plus side. Your video reaches the visitors and turns them into potential customers, which is exactly what your need!

By now you must be well acquainted with the effect that an animated explainer video has on increasing the conversion rates. And you must be surprised to know, how a simple 1-2 minutes video can affect your business drastically. Your ‘only’ visitors can now turn into potential customers. You just have to invest in a good animation video service and watch a steady increase in your conversion rates while you sit back and enjoy your coffee.