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3 Signs You’re Working with a Poor Animation Studio

We can’t say about hiring a contractor, employee or agency, but if you’re looking for to hire an animation studio for business video production, then there’s some legwork you’ll have to put in before taking the final call. Animation studios vary in style and specialty, and selecting a company that fits all your needs is important.

There are many companies laden out there you can choose from. One outstandingly vital criterion is a company’s professionalism. For businesses that are need assistance on how to spot an unprofessional or sub-standard studio, here are 3 signs that an animation studio is not worth working with.

Uninspiring website

While going through a production studio’s website if its website is uninspiring and mediocre, then it may not be the best way to start of the association. This does not mean that the company’s website has to be flashy and full of graphic images, but it needs to look professional and appropriate for a production house. Does it have quick links to the studio’s portfolio? What do they do? What is the way to contact them? The page should have the exact flow as the company’s branding and general style. For example, if the studio prefers traditional animation, then the graphics should be on those lines.

Unimpressive portfolio

If your company is hiring an animation production studio, then you would definitely would want to have a look at the studio’s previous work. Previous projects give a good idea of how good the studio is at handling artwork, the animation style works most with, and the quality of content. Examining their past work will help you determine if the quality and animation style are a match for your company’s needs.

Limited understanding of animation business

There’s more to animation than simply animation. Businesses require acquire animation for a variety of purposes like explainer videos, educational practices, marketing amongst various others.

An animation production studio that has very little experience or understanding in these specific areas should be at best avoided. Without a sound know-how the production studio is bound to have a difficult time with diverse aspects of animation, like creating an explainer video that is both effective yet simple. Creating a piece of animation is great, but creating the right animation is vital. Make sure the animation studio you’re working with has both the examples and experience to back it up.

You have an array of animation studios that are vying for your business, but the right research and planning will help you pick the studio that best fits your animation needs.