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Why is it important to understand your audience before creating a PPT presentation design?

There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject; then to get your subject into yourself; and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.” – Alexander Gregg. When you are the speaker who is presenting the presentation, there may be a varied audience with different perspectives. Therefore, it becomes important that your messaging should be appropriate. For this, you need to understand your audience before creating a PPT presentation design. Let’s dive in to know how to begin.

The basics- whom am I talking to?

Start with the rudimentary of predicting your audience. The basics of understanding the audience include- analysing, understanding the demographics, interest, needs, expectations and then customize the speech accordingly. When you gather this information, you will reveal the information about your audience and understand them well.

Getting personal- what keeps them up?

Having a symbiotic relationship with the audience can help you uncover what exactly they want. Ask them questions like what’s an issue they are unfamiliar with. Thereafter, you can start by revising the core of your presentation content to extricate the takeaways of the lesson. Before presenting, make sure you understand what concerns your audience.

Shaping your talk- how can you transform your content?

Once you’ve understood your audience, the next thing is to transform and revise your content along with the PPT presentation design. Before editing the PowerPoint presentation slides, focus on the language of your content. Consider the tone as per your audience preference and deliver your talk accordingly. The next thing is, using the jargons and relevant information that simplifies the terminology of your presentation and your core messaging.

The closer- what do you need the audience to do?

Now that you have understood your audience and shaped your content, it’s time to tailor the closing of your presentation. The closing is done with a call to action or CTA. It directs your audience and triggers an emotional response, convey a sense of urgency, and give incentive. Simple CTA such as asking for sign-ups, email addresses, and other information can also be used.

A Michelin- star presentation

By understanding your audience and delivering the right message at the right time your presentation design agency has already created the difference with a compelling PowerPoint presentation.