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Four Presentation design principles to set you apart

In today’s world, PowerPoint presentation design holds the most expository messages. While selling a business idea or promoting a social cause, your message can get lost. That is why your PowerPoint presentation should include a carefully thought-through design. You can follow these four presentation design principles when designing your next presentation. They will set you apart and help in resonating with your audience. 

Using colours with purpose

The first presentation design principle is colour, which is one of the most fundamental ways with which you can communicate visually. Therefore, it becomes important that you make your choice by thinking through it. In presentation design, it is imperative to think about how to use a particular colour instead of which colour to use. Because the audience will draw a conjunction between the colours that are used in presentation design. The best way to handle colours in PowerPoint presentation is to set your template accordingly and using a colour theme.

Going beyond default

One of the primary ways you can make your PowerPoint presentation stand out is to go beyond the default settings. Because by going an extra mile with your presentation design, people take notice. You can go about it by incorporating white space in your presentation designs. You can also use grids to achieve a steady sense across all the slides. Consolidating these design principles will minimize distractions for the reader. They will draw attention to the more important parts and create a definite slide structure.

Using animation with intention

During the process of presentation design, make sure not to add animations ‘just for the sake of it’. While you intend to make your presentation visually interesting by adding animation, the audience can get distracted. Your presentation design should only include animation to draw attention to the key points of a particular slide.

Giving photos a treatment

Using the correct photos in presentation design should confer to the story as it helps the audience in understanding your message. Just choosing the ‘right’ photo for your PowerPoint presentation is not enough. You also need to make sure that the right ‘treatment’ is applied to it. So that the message conveyed through the photo manifests the true meaning and purpose behind it.