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Tips to make your website more engaging

If you’re a business with an online presence, you probably know that one look at your website design and people will judge you within 2 seconds. Little scary thought isn’t it? It gets even scarier when you look at all the other websites online that took it easy when they were designing their sites. You are showcasing your shop on the Main Street. Make it enticing.

To take the load off you here are some tips:

Grab attention and make it visually appealing

Ok, that’s like two birds at one shot. Why? Because they go hand in hand. Your website needs to grab attention, or people will simply click away. With that fresh attention, you want to immediately brand your business and let it lock into the minds of your prospective customers.

Talented design and branded header graphics usually do the trick. Tell people who you are, and Why they should visit your site and give you their business.

Easy to find contact info (With strong call to action)

This is not a “duh” point. You’d be surprised to know that many business people make this conscious mistake with their website design. The primary reason for having a website is to get new leads and customers.

So why would you not give out your contact information? Place it at different spots (top, middle and bottom) and tell people what exactly they need to do “Call Now!”. “Email us Today!” etc.

Lead capture strong format

You see the truth is, once a visitor leaves your website, they’re gone for good. Your job as a business is to give them a strong reason to come back. Remind them they need to come back. The one and the only way to do that is to have your contact info to email was shown to them frequently. You can incorporate a strong lead capture form on your website.

Create such a design that grabs attention, compel them to enter their information. A good website designing company can help you do just that!

Social media involvement

Like it or not social media is the king of the internet right now. Social sites like Facebook are getting bigger day by day. People want to engage and when one sees that your content is being engaged and shared, it gives your business massive social proof.

Make it easy for the visitors to share your content with other social media icons. You can use a sidebar that allows them to see your level of engagement on different social media platforms.

Adaptive and responsive design (for mobile)

We’re living in a mobile world. 1 in 7 people are using mobile devices. 1 out of 4 searches takes place through mobile. Go out, take a look around and you’ll find EVERYONE has their head buried in their phone. However if your website has that funky look when someone visit from their mobile device, they will run for the hills.

What’s worse, surveys say that people would not share or recommend on a website that looks poorly designed on mobile. Responsive and adaptive website design simply makes your site look great on any platform.

Is your website missing any of these crucial elements? If the answer is ‘yes’ then, you might lose leads, customers and money. A professional website design company and make your website ideal in all these areas.