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Reasons Why Your Infographic Designs Flop

A great design is capable of narrating a compelling visual story! It’s something that immediately catches the eye and prompts further reading. Many businesses all over the world make use of infographics to “up their game” to the next level. An infographic is simply data visualization that aims at explaining complex data with ease; thereby adding value in the form of a great design. This renders information easy to understand and digest.

Infographics are an integral part of marketing and many companies have successfully deployed them as part of their branding strategy. Here’s how infographic designs are beneficial to your business:

  1. They enhance brand advocacy
  2. They are easily shareable, making your business seen
  3. They drive more traffic to your website

While infographics may seem easy to create, they’re often the trickiest part of marketing. Here are a few don’ts that need to be followed while creating infographics:

1. Don’t make it huge

Infographics that are data heavy are a strict no-no. Instead, as a designer/marketer you should focus on infographics that succinctly present data.

2. Don’t make a color palette 

You want your infographic designs to stay consistent in terms of textual distribution and design. That’s why you shouldn’t go about splattering color that ends up distracting viewers from grasping information (which is the real intent behind infographics)

3. Don’t keep viewers guessing

Don’t make a cliffhanger out of your infographics! It’s meant to effectively communicate with your audience. Explain everything succinctly as you go about designing your visual narrative.