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Of Animation Videos and Investors: The Story!

Suppose you’re an investor and you have lined up 2 people both having seemingly “lucrative” ideas. While one of them has a huge pile of documents bearing his idea, the other one coolly walks in with a pen drive in his hand. You ask both of them to pitch their ideas.

The first one, let’s call him “Confucius”, flips through his 100-page “blueprint” in a confused manner, stammering and stuttering because he hasn’t prepared his pitch well.  The result: you’re everything but convinced that his idea is a super-hit! The other guy, let’s say we name him “Mr. Smart”, inserts his USB stick into the computer and plays an animated video that succinctly explains his idea to you.

Who would you choose? 

Well, obviously the smarter one! Why? Because he did his homework, summarizing his idea into a crystal clear narrative! Also, while he was narrating, you could get everything he was trying to convey. That’s where explainer animated videos gain a competitive advantage over other methods of pitching!

Animation videos allow you to explain your strategic intent in a simple yet clear way that appeals to investors. It is the simplest way to deliver your business idea, irrespective of whether vying for investors, educating your audience or promoting your brand!