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How to Choose the Right Explainer Video Style for Your Business

PitchWorx is an explainer video company that crafts compelling experiences and designs to create brands and help them reach their fullest potential. With an explainer video serving as the extension of your brand, it is important to know how to choose the right style that suits your business needs. To do this, first, you must make yourself familiar with the different types of explainer videos.


Whiteboard videos have become popular recently. Whiteboard videos are simple to make, inexpensive and let you portray complex topics to viewers using simple imagery. Viewers of whiteboard videos can watch the story unfold in real-time. The sense of transparency is perfect for engagement since viewers stay tuned because they are interested to know what will happen next.


A screencast video is directly recorded from your website or app to show users how this works. These are low-budget and simple videos ideal for educating existing customers and on-boarding new ones. Since education is the focus of screencast videos instead of branding, they tend to engage customers for a longer time compared to other styles of explainer videos.


Companies and customers alike love animated videos professionally crafted by an animated explainer video company. These videos are entertaining, engaging, playful and fun. Animation lets you tell all types of story you want with no need to break your budget. For instance, if you wish to set your animated video in space, it will only cost you just as much if you set this in the office. This limitless nature animated explainer videos is among the reasons why 44 percent of marketers mainly use them these days.

Kinetic Typography

Typography is extremely powerful and once movement is added, more impact is made. Kinetic typography lets you emphasize on key messages and drive home important points to your audience. These videos are engaging as they are mesmerizing to watch as text gets spelled out on the screen. Like how people continue to watch whiteboard videos to know what will happen next, these kinetic typography videos also do the same.

Stop Motion

Stop motion is a traditional type of animation. These videos are made through taking several images of objects or an object and moving these slightly between every photo. It creates an illusion of movement. Stop motion videos are extremely hard to make so it is a must to be very sure of your concept before you start.

Live Action

Showing the people behind the scenes are often the best way of representing your brand in explainer videos. With live action videos, you can showcase your personality and show off your brand’s human side. Customers love seeing people behind every product as it helps them develop an improved sense of trust, encouraging them to do business with you.

PitchWorx specializes in presentation design, animation and live videos, web and mobile app design, and branding. If you wish to find the best explainer video for your business, call PitchWorx to know more about their services!