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Discover 2023’s top AI Art and Image Generators

Art has been a cornerstone of human expression for millennia. From the intricate cave paintings of ancient ancestors to the masterpieces that grace the walls of renowned museums, art serves as a powerful means of conveying emotions, stories, and ideas. However, in 2023, AI art and image generators have come to define a new era of creative expression. It doesn’t require paintbrushes, canvas, or even human hands, except for the hands that prompt creativity.

The world of AI art and image generation has reached new heights, producing stunning, thought-provoking works that challenge our perceptions of creativity and innovation. In this blog, we’ll explore the top AI art and image generators of the year, showcasing their capabilities, and sharing the magic of AI-powered creativity.

1. Deep Dream Generator  

Let’s begin with a trip down the rabbit hole, guided by Google’s Deep Dream Generator. This AI tool was initially designed to recognize objects and patterns within images, but it quickly gained notoriety for its surreal, dream-like transformations. Users can upload their images and watch as the AI transforms them into bizarre, psychedelic landscapes filled with fantastic creatures and distorted perspectives.

Deep Dream Generator has become a favorite among artists and creative minds who seek to challenge their own artistic boundaries. It’s a reminder that AI art isn’t just about replicating human creativity; it’s about reimagining it entirely. To create original images with text-to-image prompts, you can also use Text 2 Dream software by Deep Dream.

2. Runway ML

For those who crave versatility in their AI art endeavors, Runway ML for art is a game-changer. This platform empowers artists with a wide range of creative models, from style transfer to text-to-image synthesis. You can experiment with different algorithms, styles, and techniques to craft your unique digital masterpieces. It is the best tool to modify or edit your videos as it uses machine learning to speed up the process of video editing. It even uses relative motion analysis to understand what the user is trying to do, and it has the ability to handle the files in different formats, including 4K resolution.

What sets Runway ML apart is its user-friendly interface. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can easily dive into the world of AI-generated art, making it accessible to a broader audience.

3. DALL-E 2

OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 is a breathtaking glimpse into the future of AI art. Building upon the success of its predecessors, DALL-E 2 for art can generate images from textual descriptions. Imagine describing a “mysterious forest at twilight,” and, within seconds, witnessing the AI conjure a detailed image that matches your description. This advanced system can create highly realistic and intricately detailed digital images simply from textual descriptions. The new model has been trained on enormous datasets and can handle nuanced aesthetic concepts like symmetry, lighting, texture and perspective. As a result, DALL-E 2 mimics the complexity of real-world photographs down to fine details and excels at generating conceptual art, synthetic imagery and compositing elements into cohesive scenes.

The implications of DALL-E 2 extend beyond art; it has the potential to revolutionize storytelling and visual content creation. Regardless of, if you’re an author looking to bring your fictional worlds to life or a content creator in need of eye-catching visuals, this AI tool is a game-changer for everyone

4. Artbreeder

Artbreeder is like an online genetic lab for images. It allows you to combine and mutate images to create something entirely new. The interface is intuitive, which allows you to experiment with different styles, themes, and elements. It’s an exceptional tool for artists seeking inspiration or those who enjoy the collaborative process of AI-generated art. A popular feature of the platform is its image quality enhancer wherein you can alter elements of the image, animate it, develop genes or make an existing image better. From changing your hair, clothes, eyes, etc., the platform can do it all.

Another unique feature is the Artbreeder community aspect. You can interact with fellow artists, share your creations, and explore the endless possibilities of AI-generated art together.

5. Midjourney

As one of the first AI art tools to take the internet by storm in 2022, Midjourney has gained immense popularity for its ability to produce stunning AI-generated artwork. This novel platform offers text-to-image capabilities using the chat interface of Discord. Users can generate unique paintings, anime-style portraits, album covers, book illustrations and more simply by providing text prompts to the Midjourney bot. To activate the text-to-image model use ‘/imagine’ and to use an image as a prompt, you can activate it with ‘/blend’.

Midjourney’s latest model, revealed in January 2023, generates images with greater detail at higher resolutions compared to the original version. The AI leverages a Danbooru dataset to create anime and manga-inspired art of impressive quality. Beyond just digital paintings, Midjourney’s image synthesis capabilities also work well for pixel art, logos, landscapes, spaceships, album covers and other styles. Access is currently offered via invite-only early beta on Discord.

6. Stable Diffusion 2

As an open-source AI art generator backed by Stability AI, Stable Diffusion emerged in 2022 as a major advance in creative AI systems. The newly released Stable Diffusion 2 model takes image generation even further. Now keep in mind that this is more a technology than a tool, so you will need to find a site that offers Stable Diffusion for free, or you must set it up by yourself to be able to use it.

Stable Diffusion utilizes diffusion model AI to generate 2D images straight from text prompts. The versatile system can produce photorealistic scenes, imaginary celebrities, concept cars, book covers, and other visuals imbued with artistic flair. Users can also leverage the model for image inpainting by filling in incomplete images as well as out painting to extrapolate beyond the original image boundaries. Stable Diffusion 2 makes this leading open-source AI art platform even more powerful.

7. Imagen

Tech giant Google is aiming to shake up the AI art scene with Imagen, a new text-to-image generator unveiled in 2022 that produces images of unprecedented photorealism. Imagen has been trained on billions of image-text pairs to generate visuals that mimic real-life photos with remarkable quality. The model handles a range of challenging concepts from natural language prompts including lighting, reflections, textures, poses and compositions.

During testing, Imagen achieved state-of-the-art realism scores while avoiding common flaws like distorted limbs or blurry elements. Google plans to release Imagen APIs publicly in late 2023 after gathering user feedback to ensure responsible and ethical practices. Imagen’s high-fidelity image synthesis could significantly impact creative fields that rely on visual media.

8. Nightcafe Creator

Focused on AI-powered digital art generation, Nightcafe Creator has quickly gained attention for producing impressive fine art paintings from text prompts. The model achieves aesthetics inspired by specific artists which users can select, like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Monet. Nightcafe Creator’s image synthesis capabilities also extend to photography, manga, concept art and more.

Once generated, images can be tweaked via the tool’s editing features to refine colors, lighting, saturation and other parameters. Nightcafe Creator offers a community component as well with design contests, upvoting and the ability to browse and share others’ creations. Membership plans provide enhanced features like higher resolution downloads and prompt credits. Overall, Nightcafe Creator makes AI art simple and engaging.


Closing our list is NVIDIA GauGAN, a tool that turns your imagination into reality. Named after the famous post-impressionist artist Paul Gauguin, this AI can transform your rough sketches and concepts into fully realized, photorealistic landscapes. Whether you’re a professional artist or someone with a fleeting creative idea, GauGAN is a powerful ally in bringing your visions to life.

The world of image generation with AI is advancing rapidly but they’re not here to replace human artists. Instead, you can collaborate with AI, and stretch the boundaries of what’s possible in art. As a design agency ourselves, we embark on this journey of technological innovation to witness the evolution of AI art, revealing its potential to inspire, challenge, and redefine our understanding of creativity.

If you’re an artist, a tech enthusiast, or simply a curious mind, these top AI art platforms are your keys to a world of limitless possibilities. Embrace the future and let your creativity flow with the help of these remarkable AI-powered tools. The canvas is yours with the best AI image tools. With simple prompts, and an effective AI algorithm, you are ready to paint your imagination onto the digital realm.