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Boost your corporate presentation design with these tips

A corporate presentation is the first presentation card of a company to new customers and buyers. Its main objective is to give confidence to the interlocutor to start working with our company. Therefore, the idea that should prevail in its preparation is to present its most remarkable advantages.

Here are some tips that you must consider with the design of corporate presentations.

Considering that people are overwhelmed by information and that there are only some aspects of the company that may interest them, the presentation must be short, giving full priority to photography over texts. Finally, the presentation design should project a positive image of a company, friendly, committed to society and its best values.

Simplify the text:

The corporate presentation design in PowerPoint (or any other format) complements the exhibition that you are going to do in person and therefore you do not need or should include in the slides all the text that you are going to say.

No one will have time to read everything, and if they do, they cannot at the same time pay attention to what you are saying. The text of the slides must be strictly necessary and used more as a conceptual map or key clues of what you are saying than as a coherent story in and of itself. If you want the presentation to make sense for someone who only has the PPT file, use the notes and comments.

Limit yourself to one message per slide:

It is as important to keep the text at bay as to limit the concepts presented at the same time. A slide, a theme, is a good starting point. Mixing several topics dilutes the message, confuses viewers and makes it harder for you to make a coherent corporate presentation design.

Presenting a single theme per slide converts the information into pieces that are easier to digest and therefore easier to remember. Without going over, of course, does not mean that the presentations need to have 400 slides.

Summarize your presentation in three points:

The corporate presentation design can be enormously complex and long, but the most important points should not be more than three and should be clearly defined. In English these points are called takeaways, something like ideas that you take home.

Probably the attendees do not remember what you have talked about in 90% of the slides, but hopefully they will remember the three most important points. To reinforce them, add them at the end of your presentation, summarized, being a good time for attendees to take photos of the slide or share it on social networks.

Do not walk around the bush:

Knowing a good story does not mean that you must tell it and knowing hundreds of facts does not mean you should add all of them to the presentation. Go to the point and select the information that you will enter in your corporate presentation design.