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6 Ways to make animated explainer videos

Explainer videos are the best and easy ways of expressing your ideas in a more summarized and straightforward manner. Animated explainer videos are used in many ways, but the most common way is branding a product or a company.

Sometimes you can try for months how you going to make something that explain your product in the best way ever. But have you tried something that will just be on your homepage and explain your message in the perfect way.

There are different ways of making explainer videos, some of which we are going to discuss them here.

This is web-based animation software that allows its users to create animated presentations. It is the world’s most leading intuitive animation software. It is easy and friendly to use given that it allows for drag and drop.  With this software, you can decide to start from scratch or just use the ready-made powtoon that allows customization easily.

Raw shorts

This is a cloud based animation video builder for businesses. This therefore implies that it require internet connection to use. This software has lots of templates and objects with a drag and drop feature that makes operating it easy. For businesses that will only use the software occasionally, this is the best software since it does not require monthly subscription.


This is a cloud based animation software platform. You are required to pay a monthly fee to produce your animated videos. With this software you can create your own characters, add voice and music and also has a variety of characters.


This is a leading HTML 5 platform for creating rich multimedia content. This software allows you to create and automate videos based on a template and API solution. It allows for drag and drop features.

Video scribe

It is also known as whiteboard animation. This software works similar to power point; you are able to add texts, change style and color and also you can import images or even select from sparkle image library. Unlike power point, you don’t move your presentation through slides but you use a canvas.


This is a web based tool that allows you to create the explainer videos using pre-established templates. Has a lot of animated and live action scenes or photos in different styles. Also allows for drag and drop.