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10 Common Video Marketing Mistakes you Need to Avoid

While people have started understanding the importance of video marketing, it is also important to realise that, without proper planning and execution, videos won’t reap the benefits. When videos are produced well and has a strong content, then it becomes an effective marketing tool. But otherwise it could do more harm than good. 

Along with an explainer video company in USA, we have compiled a list of common video marketing mistakes that businesses and individuals do without realising its consequences. This will help you identify the mistakes you are making in your marketing strategy and the ways you can correct them. 

List of mistakes you’re making | Explainer video company USA

Mistake #1 – Making a video for the sake of it

Making a video with no goal for your business can be detrimental. Do you have a plan for your video? What do you want to achieve with the video? Why are you making this video? Does it have a greater purpose? Do you have a business objective that you want to achieve with your video? If you can answer all these questions, only then go ahead with making a video. Otherwise, take a step back and rethink.

Mistake #2 – Incorrect branding

When people come across your video, they should not only remember the video content but also your brand. Putting all your focus on the content while failing to promote your brand and its benefits makes the video lose its purpose. So always remember to brand your video. It can be with a logo, a website URL or your social media accounts, anything that is a part of your brand identity. 

Mistake #3 – Long videos

When was the last time you watched a video? Do you remember how long that video was? Now, how many minutes of that video did you actually watch? A study states that users click away when they find a video longer than 2 minutes. So have a shorter video with a strong intro to have higher engagement. Many explainer video companies in London always suggest a video that is 2 minutes or under for maximum engagement. 

Mistake #4 – Too many messages in the video

If your video talks about too many things at once, the viewers will lose track and will not retain any information. Instead, you can deliver one particular message so the viewers will have something to remember. This definite takeaway will help them retain the information for a longer time. 

Mistake #5 – Having no call-to-action

The viewers won’t know what they have to do after watching your video. If you want them to perform a particular action, you need to ask them clearly. It can be to contact you, visit your website or even follow you on social media. Without a clear call-to-action, the video will not benefit your business. 

Mistake #6 – Ignoring video SEO

Once you make your video, simply uploading it to YouTube won’t do any good. There are millions of videos uploaded every minute. So if you want to stand out among them and entice your audience to watch your video, then you need to relay information attractively. This could be your video title, the tags, the cover image and the description. In addition to that, you should also use video SEO techniques to increase your video’s visibility. An explainer video company in the UK says that no matter how great the video quality is, if it is not optimised well, it will not reach the right audience. 

Mistake #7 – Trying to achieve instant results

Assuming that you will become viral is absurd. In video marketing, only those who have been consistent and dedicated to building their social media presence succeed. It takes time for a good strategy to reap its results, so patience is important. 

Mistake #8 – Incorrect structuring of the video

Placing important selling points at the end of the video will not benefit the brand. As the video progresses, engagement rate decreases so there are chances that your audience won’t see the important points you want to convey. Therefore, ensure that the points are placed in the beginning and follow it up with other details.

Mistake #9 – Not addressing your target audience

If you feel your product or service can be benefited by a certain age-group, why not address them in your videos? Why don’t you tailor your video content to appeal to that specific target audience instead of everyone? Addressing your target audience helps to build a relationship with them. It drives the message that you care about their well-being, which ultimately results in brand trust.

Mistake #10 –  Bad video production

Bad video production can include anything from poor lighting, incorrect framing of subjects, bad audio, shaky footage to lack of a script, and bad video pacing. These elements create an impression that your brand is of low-quality. This negative impression will affect your business. So always ensure that the quality of your video is top-notch. An explainer video company in Canada uses high-quality video equipment to shoot their videos. 


By avoiding these 10 mistakes in video marketing, you can optimise your marketing strategy to achieve better results. There are many explainer video company in USA and around the world, but choosing the right one that fits your brand vision can help you reach greater heights. Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about videos and video marketing, follow PitchWorx.