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What Tools Do UX/UI Designers at Google Use?

There are various UX/UI tools available on the market today and finding the best one can be a bit mind-boggling. If you are one of those who is searching for tools best for UI & UX design, here are some of the options you can take for consideration:

Optimizely for A/B Testing

Like User Testing, Optimizely makes it simple to personalize and test your mobile app and website. But, Optimizely concentrates on a kind of test, which is A/B testing, so designers will be able to see how tweaking the interface would affect conversations.

MindManager for Mind Mapping

Mind maps are the diagrams used to organize information visually. It’s a good way to brainstorm, make plans or turn the ideas into the needed steps to make it real. MindManager is one of the finest mind mapping applications designed by Mindjet.

Digital mind maps may be used as a virtual whiteboard for planning, managing, and brainstorming projects, compiling research, for strategic planning, and organizing big amounts of information.

Sketch for Interface Design

A sketch was made as an editor for images for digital design. It’s made specifically for the Mac OS X users to design icons, websites, and interfaces. The Sketch works like Illustrator and Photoshop, yet it’s more flexible in terms of UX design.

Iconjar for Organizing and Storing Icons

It enables you to store every icon in one place, so you do not need to go looking for them. Iconjar also makes it simple for you to look through all your icons. Through this, you can drag the icons into Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, and Affinity.

User Testing for User Testing

Basically, testing for usability is a technique that is used in user-centered interaction design to assess a product by testing it on the users. It’s a huge deal to improve the user experience.

With the use of User Testing, it enables to get some videos of real people who speak their thoughts as they use mobile apps, prototypes, and websites. It works for apps, live sites, prototypes, ad, emails, and landing pages.

Smart Draw for Diagrams and Flowcharts

Smart Draw allows you to make and edit diagrams and flowcharts with the use of any modern website browser. If you want to work behind the firewall, you may still use Smart Draw on your Windows desktop. It also includes lots of professional templates, which you may edit quickly to make your own.

Mock plus for Rapid Prototyping Design

It’s a good design prototyping app, which is ideal for mobile app, web, and desktop apps. Creating a design prototype with Mock plus is easier in comparison to general-purpose graphics editors like Illustrator or Photoshop.

UI is drag and drop, making it possible to begin using the tool easily. Even first-time users could figure it out without the need to go over the training manuals and tutorials.

Axure for Prototypes and High-Fidelity Wireframes

Axure RP is the desktop application that provides UX and business professionals documentation, diagramming, and interactive tools to share and design interactive specifications and prototypes. It’s also one of the comprehensive prototyping tools.

Both low-fidelity, static prototypes and more sophisticated and interactive ones can be done on Axure. The reason behind it is that Axure is a professional UX tool and requires a steep learning curve.