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Learn How to Make an Animated Video

Animated videos are big favorites of all. Thus, large numbers of animations films are created in all languages for the entertainment of the people. So, the animation lovers often want to create their own videos of this nature. They need to learn the basic steps for the creation of an animation video on any topic of their choice.

Steps to be followed for the creation of animated videos
Prepare the animation script–

First of all, a storyline for the animation video needs to be decided. This story should be chosen according to the target audience, the main motto of creating this video or the message that is supposed to be conveyed through this story.

One can write a new story based on that message or may select any popular short story to write down the script for this video.

Create a fascinating script for the video–

When the chosen story is transformed into a script for the animated video, with crisp dialogues between all the characters of the story. This script should contain interesting and short conversations, with a call-to-action at the end of the story.

Make a visual storyboard of the video–

Next, a storyboard needs to be drawn up according to the given script of the chosen story. This storyboard consists of some simple diagrams in definite boxes, with the dialogues written in small circles along the boxes.

This storyboard is created for getting an idea of the animation that is going to be made. The diagrams of this storyboard give an idea of the entire animation video, with all the scenes to be included in the video.

Choose an animation tool for video making–

There are lots of animation tools that can be used for making the animated videos and easily available online. The creator of the video may choose any one tool according to his convenience and convert the storyboard into the animation film.

Moovly and Animator are the examples of the popular animation tools that can be used for creating the animations.

Specify the animation style–

The specific animation style can be adopted for making the animation films from the animation libraries, which make the videos more attractive to the viewers. The chosen style can make the animated video look funny or inspirational, due to the specific message or the chosen storyline of the video.

All the styles have specific benefits and disadvantages, which should be noted while choosing for the animation film to be freshly made. However, the 2D animation style is most commonly used in creating the 2D animation video for the kids.

A reputed animated videos company can be hired for the creation of the best animated videos for spreading any social message or may also be used in the corporate sector for advertising purposes.

The product explainer video for the corporate marketing is best created by using the whiteboard animation styles of four different kinds, namely blackboard, notepad, stitch board and a glass board. There are also typography, infographic and handicraft styles of animations that are used widely in this animation industry.