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Time to Move Towards a Safer Wiring


Did the fire news at your friend’s office just ruin your day? And did that happen because you think you might be the next target? And worse, you have no idea what to do? Well, don’t get distressed if you answered YES. We understand your concern and that’s why we are here to detail you about your ‘other wiring option.’

It’s a well-known fact that ordinary wires, particularly PVC wires, emit dense smoke when in contact with fire. This smoke is very dangerous to humanity in terms of health. It produces cancer-causing gasses which are toxic to our system. And you know what’s worse? It reduces visibility in the atmosphere which further induces panic among the victims. Reduced visibility plus the dense smoke, is alone enough to suffocate everyone trapped inside and thus end millions of innocent lives.

Well, what if we say you have a chance to save your life against PVC wires? Yes, you heard us right. It’s time for you to upgrade to Halogen free wires. The next generation, heat resistant and lead-free cables, that release low to no toxic halogen when in contact with fire. Halogen free wires with its non-toxic feature are gaining popularity among the public sector housing as well as the major industries. With its proven and well-engineered feature, these cables with its priority to safety have become the major focus of the wiring industry. Not just this, it is also increasingly becoming the first choice of areas such as aircraft, rail, and construction. Let us now look into the major features of Halogen free wires that make it a life saver.


Safety is the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk of wiring. And nothing can beat Halogen free wires when it comes to safety. These wires come without highly reactive elements of Halogen family such as Fluorine, Bromine, Astatine, Iodine and Chlorine which emit toxic fumes when burned. Because of this, many manufacturers are moving towards Halogen free wires.


The low to no smoke feature of Halogen free wires ensures greater visibility in the atmosphere. Greater visibility means you get a greater chance to exit from the fire spot thus saving yours as well as lives of others. Also, it’s heat resistant and lead-free features relieve you of all your worries about that expensive equipment in case of a fire.


Environmental concerns are growing day by day. Every product that is manufactured today, is developed keeping in mind its eco- friendly nature. Same goes with the wiring industry. With the introduction of Halogen free wires, you need not worry about its harmful effect in the atmosphere. Easier to dispose of and it’s 100% biodegradable nature, (yes 100%) ensures you tension free usage of the wires unlike the other forms of wiring which when disposed of can pose a threat to the environment.

So, by now you must have got a detailed idea of how PVC wires are an enemy to your precious life. And also, how Halogen free wires can be your real savior! You have got one precious life. And I am sure you don’t want to risk it to PVC wires. So don’t wait. Start using Halogen free wires today and take a step forward in making your life safer.