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9 iconic brands that used animated explainer videos to boost their business

Animated explainer videos are increasingly popular among marketers and companies looking to engage with their target audience and stand out from the crowd of businesses fighting for consumers’ attention online. They’re also increasingly popular with consumers, as more and more people realize that such videos can make important content easier to digest and more engaging to watch than conventional presentations alone. If you want to gain insight into how some of the world’s top brands use animated explainer videos to boost their business, here are 9 of them that you should know about.

Cisco Systems - Wikipedia


Cisco has a simple, five-second animated video that illustrates their company mission statement: Find a Better Way. It ties into Cisco’s larger rebranding efforts and showcases how they can be a partner to clients who need help navigating technological changes. The animation helps illustrate what people think of when they think of Cisco. 

File:General Electric logo.svg - Wikipedia


Since June 2011, GE has been utilizing an animated explainer video as part of its corporate website. While it may not be as popular as other companies on our list, it’s important to remember that corporate websites aren’t made to entertain—they’re designed to tell potential customers about a company and its products and services. In that regard, GE does a great job by creating an engaging animated video that showcases its business model.

Goldman Sachs Logo - Goldman Sachs Design

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs has made a name for itself as one of Wall Street’s most elite and distinguished financial firms. With an entire division of analysts and tech experts dedicated to new tech developments, they were early adopters of animation videos. The Future of Markets: Explained in 4 Minutes is a fun way to highlight some tech trends we may see emerge as more than just hype over time.

HP logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG


Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is an American multinational information technology company that provides cloud, big data analytics, networking and IT security products and services. The company’s stock has tripled since 2010 when it launched its first animated explainer video in an effort to improve customer engagement. After all, customers are more likely to buy something if they understand how it works—even better if they like it. And customers like animated explainer videos because they make things easier to understand (i.e., fun).

Mastercard | A Global Payment Technology Solutions Company


Mastercard uses animated videos to show how their cards work in conjunction with their mobile app. The video is easy to understand, fun and engaging for viewers, which is why it received around 700k views within a few months of being published.

IBM Logo Meaning, History and Evolution - IBM Logo PNG & Brand Guide


When you think of IBM, you probably picture a company that manufactures high-tech computers. Yet, as impressive as these machines are, they aren’t what bring in most of IBM’s revenue—it’s their various software packages and IT services. In order to explain these complex offerings to potential clients, IBM turned to animated explainer videos from RIGIDSCALE.

Office 365 Vector Logo - Download Free SVG Icon | Worldvectorlogo

Microsoft Office 365

The technology giant went through a rebranding phase, and as part of that process, they used an animated explainer video to drive home their message about corporate identity. The animated video demonstrated how Microsoft is now a devices and services company—as well as introducing Office 365’s be together, not the same campaign. The piece also helped boost traffic to Office 365 site by 30 percent.

McDonalds logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG


One of the oldest and most iconic brands in history, McDonald’s has revolutionized fast food. The establishment uses explainer videos to introduce new menu items in a fun way. The animated video below introduces McDonald’s newest burger, The Sriracha. It was so popular it sold out within an hour of its release.

File:Samsung Logo.svg - Wikipedia


This one goes without saying. Samsung has become synonymous with all things technology. You probably don’t even think of them as an electronics company—you think of them as a lifestyle brand, making everything from appliances to fitness trackers to virtual reality headsets. Animations are a natural choice for companies like Samsung, which want to appeal to audiences who are young and tech-savvy, so it comes as no surprise that their explainer video is visually stunning.

In conclusion, no matter what type of industry you belong to, animated explainer videos can help you create an impact and reach a wider audience. It has been tried and tested by some of the most iconic companies around the world and it’s a sure shot way to get your message across more engagingly. So what are you waiting for? Maybe your company just needs the right animated explainer video to propel it towards the success path. Get your animated explainer video made by one of the top video animation companies like PitchWorx. Reach out to us and we will make sure your idea takes a life of its own and reaches millions.