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Boost your Brand Value with Powerful Testimonial Videos

Online shopping has become a global phenomenon these days and we have all done a fair bit of it during this pandemic. Now imagine that you are finally going to buy a product that you’ve been mulling over for days, and you find that it has no reviews. Would you still buy it or will you hesitate?

Reviews have the power to influence your decisions. Research says that about 49% of customers value online reviews while making a purchase and the number keeps increasing. Reviews are the final push that drives someone to make the purchase. It’s the last stage of decision-making. If you found a ton of good reviews for a product you’re considering, then you’re more likely to purchase it. But if there are no reviews then we become skeptical. The same goes for businesses. Whether you own a product-based or service-based business, testimonials are important in nudging your customer towards the purchase. So why don’t you create powerful video testimonials with the help of a video production agency to boost your business?

What is a video testimonial? | Video production agency

A video testimonial is basically a customer or a client reviewing your services in a video format. They act like a social proof for your audience which can further benefit your marketing strategy. The video testimonial usually comprises a loyal customer or an existing client talking about how your product or service solved their problem, and their experiences with the brand. Since this brings an emotional element and a human touch to the video, it is much more valuable than other forms of content. 

When a testimonial conveys an emotional experience, it often allows the newer audience to also experience the products without even buying them. And this is a powerful driving force that will influence their purchase decision. A video production agency in London uses state-of-the-art equipment to capture candid moments in a video testimonial.

Why video testimonials?

Now you might wonder why video testimonials instead of just a comment underneath your service offerings? We are in the age where videos are dominating the internet, and the importance of reviews are not lost on us. So what better way to attract more customers by combining two powerful factors into one and giving the right momentum to your business? 

Besides, videos are more convincing since the audience will most likely listen to an actual person speaking about their experience rather than simply reading about it. About 96% of consumers say they learn more about the products and services through a video format, so videos in addition to imparting a ton of information, are also more engaging. Having a video on your website also ensures that the viewers stay longer on your website thus making it rank better in SEO. Many video production agency in NYC share how the testimonial videos they shot for their clients have helped their clients gain trust and authenticity with their customers.

Some useful tips to create powerful testimonials | Video Production Agency

To get a powerful testimonial from your clients, you can follow the tips given below. These tips can be beneficial in obtaining a candid and honest testimonial. A video production agency in Los Angeles says these tips have worked wonders for their clients.

Never use a script

Using a script will not only make the video lose the genuineness, but it will also cause the brand to lose its credibility. Testimonial videos attract potential customers because there is a genuineness in the person recounting his experience with the brand. If your interview is scripted, then it will make the person giving the testimonial feel forced into speaking a certain way, thus losing their natural charm. A video production agency in Jakarta believes that the more unprepared the clients are, the more candid and authentic the videos turn out to be.

Move your audience with emotion and story

While talking about emotions, we don’t mean going all out with an emotional outburst but rather sharing the interviewee’s story. The story will be filled with their feelings about the experience, thus giving it that human touch. For example, the interviewee can start off by talking about the issue that they were facing until they found your product. They can share how your brand helped them solve the issue and yield a positive outcome. This gives the story a positive connotation and humanizes the video.

Keep it short and sweet

No matter how beautiful your video is shot, it will not interest your viewers if it is too long. Your testimonial video should be short, preferably under 3 minutes, to keep the audience engaged. Just enough to get across the benefits of your services and the emotional value of the testimonial. A video production agency in Auckland says, hitting that sweet spot between a super lengthy video and an extremely short video is key to the testimonial’s success.

Keep it simple

If you’re a technology based company, chances are you have highly technical terms, but using too many of these might make the video lose its authenticity. So try to use simpler terms with images to showcase any statistics involved.

Make it an interview

Instead of asking your client to simply sit in front of the camera and talk, asking relevant questions can help the interaction feel more natural. This way, they can comfortably speak their mind rather than being stressed about the things they have to say. Another reason why scripts just don’t work for testimonial videos. 

Keep the visuals interesting

Having just the person’s face focused throughout the video can seem dull and boring to the audience watching. So using different camera angles as well as graphics, texts and images can help the video be more interactive and engaging. A video production company in Atlanta ensures a camera is never straight up on the interviewee’s face but kept away at an angle to make the entire process seem less daunting. They also have cameras set at different angles to make the video seem dynamic and interesting. 

Send out a questionnaire before the interview

Most people struggle to come up with something when questions are asked out of the blue. Therefore, sending out a questionnaire prior to the interview can help them understand what is expected of them. This is not to be confused with being prepared with a script. The questionnaire simply helps them plan their responses better instead of having an awkward moment. A video production company in Amsterdam has a policy of speaking with the interviewees prior to the shoot day and building a personal bond with them, to make them more comfortable during the shoot. 

Never interrupt the speaker

No matter how long the video is, never stop the speaker. Remember, it is always better to have more information to choose from than none at all. So let the speaker continue and go with the flow. You never know what interesting information you might get from them, so keep recording everything they say without interruption. You can always edit out the unnecessary information during post-production. A video production company in Abu Dhabi keeps the camera rolling throughout the session to capture moments of value.

Now that you’ve seen all the tips to create an impactful testimonial video, you might be wondering how you can execute these? You can hire a video production advertising agency that is available in your country to produce the perfect testimonial video for you. PitchWorx is a top video production agency in India that focuses on creating engaging videos with captivating visuals and strong messaging. They are collaborative and take care of all the steps mentioned above to give you the right boost for your business. 

Summing it up

People want to see what other customers are saying about their experience with your brand. So having a testimonial video on your website gives them just that. The video is a personal account of a customer’s experience and their genuine words can help build trust and credibility in your brand, especially for the newer customers. So with the help of a video production agency, get a powerful testimonial video to boost your brand value.