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5 Must-Have Inspirational Art Books for all Creative Animators

It’s inspiration time! If you’re a creative and have a curious bend on the world of animation then start your new year with a bookshelf that’s jammed with inspiration, from amazing animation to movie concepts art masterpieces to comic genius. Well, let’s face it, we all know how sitting in front of a blank computer screen, wishing for some source of inspiration feels like.

Well, treat yourself with any of these books as they are well worth spending your bucks on..

Pinocchio: The Making of the Disney Epic

This one’s Disney’s most overlooked classics, commended by critics it finally gets the appraisal it deserves. Well, if you’re a big fan of Disney’s golden era or just simply want to delve into the beginning credits of the most successful and well-loved animation firm till date, then grab a copy and learn a thing or two from this timeless classic.

The Art of Dave Seeley

The word “epic”, has been played around with a lot, but in case of this collection, it’s a term that’s not going get wasted. If you take a look at the artist’s obsessively detailed work, you’ll know what we’re talking about. It’s hard to not get sucked in with passion for detail of this kind.

Seeley allows you to get fully obsorbed in his process. There’s no way you won’t be amazed with his unique approach and how his dynamic compositions came about. From illustrating trading cards to large scale book illustrations using a variety of techniques, you can trace back the origin of a great legend.

The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road

This summer blockbuster did not in any way fall short of critics and fans raving. Along with it, the complimenting art book is also no less impressive. Being a cultural phenomenon, Mad Max is a source of inspiration for countless post-apocalyptic universes. Here you get to see how the original vision was re-created in the modern age. The book was written to reveal how the popular franchise was revived, the considerate use of special effects, creating a cinematic wonder had been thought to be all but lost.

William Blake: The Drawings for Dante’s Devine Comedy

The eyes of the dying obsessive and a great artist will take you on a mad journey in world literature, shown in a hndsome tone. With the bulk of art books produced by Taschen, this reproduction of educated English, William Blake won’t invoke hernias.

VHS Video Cover Art

Get ready for an unfettered deluge of nostalgia, if you miss those days when Drew Struzan and Co, illustrated your favorite movie blockbuster posters. Look no further, this book is dedicated to those long forgotten eyeball-grabbing video cassette case days. Don’t be surprised to see some gaudy, tacky and overblown art. But that doesn’t make the imagery any less iconic. If you’re amongst the many artists who are still harboring back to the 80’s their book covers, ads and more inspired by exploitation films, can take a look at the real deal.

Well, don’t worry if you’re facing a bit of creative block, inspiration is contagious. Stack your shelves with these geniuses and stay inspired and keep the animation love alive!