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3 Major Brands that have kept the art of storytelling alive!

The art of storytelling is one of life’s most profound yet envied skills. A story if told well, has the power to move; make us laugh or weep. We as humans have always been hard-wired to learning from stories, owing to the fact that we’ve all been raised on folklore and tales of mythology. The storytelling tradition is akin to a language itself. Throughout time, stories have continued to inspire and inform; from one generation to the other.

The trend of storytelling may have started way back in history, but the desire to listen from stories still rings out loud. Speaking from a storyteller’s standpoint, the art is one of the most valuable skills as a person managing a business. Business requires you to stand out from competition. One of the best ways to stand out from competition? Engage people in a story that would move and stir your audience!

Irrespective of whether you’re a newly established brand or one trying to fight off tough competition from the new entrants, storytelling is a powerful tool that can catapult you to a level higher than what you can imagine. It can evoke a sense of powerful emotion, can draw people closer to your brand, can form a deep connect with the audience.

Here are some brands that have successfully told great stories:

1. Nike: Make every yard count

This advertisement created by Nike India titled ‘Make every yard count’, highlights the fervour and madness with which people in India play cricket (lack of space is never a deterrent!)

2. Nikon: The day

“Make everything that is beautiful- yours”

3. Lufthansa: We are the brand

This small video gives you all the more reasons to fly Lufthansa!