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Is one point per slide the way to design presentations?

We have all sat through those strenuous long presentations that were filled with texts and made our eyes droopy. No matter how hard you tried to pay attention, the slides made it harder to stay awake. With an overload of information already in the slides, we tend to be least bothered about what the speaker has to say. Because hey, everything is already on the screen, right?

However, presentations have evolved to be so much more. From an overload of information to a long list of bullets and cliparts, we tried to make presentations more interesting. But as successful as bullets were in condensing information, it was still not enough. A presentation design agency like PitchWorx aims to innovate the way we design and present slides. That’s why today we are taking on the case of the trendy one-point-per-slide solution. Will one point per slide be the answer?

Why one point per slide works? | Presentation design agency

The audience can only retain so much information

As much as you want all your information out there, and have the presentation speak for itself, the audience can only retain so much information from your slides. The overload of information can make the presentation uninspiring and lose its core message. That’s why it’s important to design your slides with only the key points that you want the audience to take away. Giving just one key point per slide will help them retain and absorb the message better. Get your presentations designed by PowerPoint presentation design services in India to present the most impactful slides to your audience.

People want to be moved by your speech

Remember, your PowerPoint presentation is just a visual medium that is designed to help and enhance what you wish to convey. It should not take the center stage of your presentation. You are the speaker, the hero of the presentation, and people want to be moved by what you have to say, not what the slides convey. So ensure your slides have just one key point to help the audience comprehend it easily, and then focus their attention on you, the speaker. You can use your speech to elaborate on the point you introduced in your slide. Get visually appealing and masterfully designed slides that hook your audience with PowerPoint presentation design services in Gurugram.

How to create a presentation with just one point per slide?

  1. While determining the content for a particular slide, think of it as determining the headline for the topic you want to talk about. So you take an idea that you went to present to the audience and condense it into a single sentence. Now you can elaborate on that topic through your speech. Your slide should contain just enough info to help the audience understand what you are going to elaborate on.
  2. Now, just because each slide has a single point doesn’t mean that the point should be isolated. Every point that you put forth should flow from one slide to the next with clear transitions. Create an outline of points to help you structure your presentation better. Or hire PowerPoint presentation design services in India to let them do the heavy lifting of slide designing while you focus on your speech.
  3. Avoid placing a list of bullet points on your slide. Instead, focus on each point by placing them on separate slides. Don’t worry about increasing your slide count. With just one point per slide, the audience will find it a breeze to sit through. Only the quality and flow of the slides are important.
  4. To present complex data, you can use infographics and charts. You can also use graphics and illustrations to create a greater impact on your audience. The visuals will grab the audience’s interest and it will also break the monotony of having only text in your slides. Get the help of PowerPoint presentation design services in Gurugram to get decks that are visually impactful.
  5. Using one point per slide is a great way to bring the focus to you, the speaker. It also empowers you to talk more naturally about the topic rather than having to follow the content present in the PPT from slide to slide. This gives the audience the impression of a more confident speaker who knows what they are talking about and thereby positively influencing them in their decision-making.

Find the perfect balance in designing a presentation with the help of PitchWorx, a top presentation design agency in India. With over a decade’s experience in presentation designing, we can create the perfect pitch deck for you! Get in touch.