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How to Make a Presentation for Investors

If there is a situation that can make even the most experienced entrepreneur nervous, that is the presentation to investors (Investor Pitch)… And it is not for less:

We are stripping our ideas and exposing them to the judgment of a person outside your startup who will decide based on their printing if it makes sense or not to invest in your business.

The presentation design of a project can cause great anxiety to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. One of the most frequent reasons for the anguish is the possibility of being besieged by waves of questions that cannot be answered.

This terrifying situation can be prevented by preparing a good exposition, to get ahead of the questions and allow the entrepreneur to guide investors to where he wants to go.

So here, we will give you some tips for your presentation to investors Capture your imagination:

One of the most common mistakes is not to tell what you do until the end, which will not only distract the investor but possibly bore him. Start talking about what your product is and how the world is going to change.

Tells a story:

An investor listens to ideas and proposals of all kinds and is not necessarily an expert in all of them. Instead of talking about the characteristics of your product, tell a story in which you understand the problem that solves the product/service and the use scenario.

Leave at least 30-40% of the meeting time for questions:

It is not a monologue. Your presentation is the starting point of the meeting, but many questions, doubts and even criticisms of some of the decisions you have made will arise. Leave plenty of room to discuss doubts, and above all, never adopt a defensive position. The feedback an investor gives you is a gift, so accept it and do not try to justify.


Explain to investors how their money would be used, with as many details as possible and projections about how they will recover their investment, this is the key since investors want to know the opportunities that your business offers them.

You must provide a Business Plan that justifies the investment process and return on investment. It is the way to reflect how your business will grow in the following years. It is usually presented with a 3-year plan and 5 years, with more detail in the first.

Your presentation will have greater opportunities to succeed if you avoid these errors:
Do not pay attention to time:

Make your sales presentation so that you can present each part with the same rhythm.

Do not involve investors:

Do not be afraid to generate a personal situation: look them in the eyes show emotions, your passion for your project. The passion of entrepreneurs is as critical as the team or the Business Plan in the decision process.

Knowing how to prepare for a good presentation can turn your weakness into strength, so do not hesitate to invest your time in developing the content and rehearsing your speech.