What is the Importance of PowerPoint Presentation?

What is the Importance of PowerPoint Presentation?

If you are a teacher or entrepreneur and you do not belong to the generation of “digital natives” you may still remember when the diagrams, graphs and diagrams were made directly on the blackboard with chalk or colored markers or, eventually, using the famous flipcharts.

These tools, now considered classic in classroom teaching, have their equivalent king in today’s virtual world: PowerPoint presentations. This tool is very easy to use, although initially, it seems intimidating and tedious; and once one is accustomed to its basic aspects, it is most useful to prepare slide presentations (its true technological antecedent).

PowerPoint presentations have successfully positioned itself as a transcendental tool to present data and information for presenting business reports to executive boards or technical committees.

The fact that information and data can be schematized in PowerPoint, makes it a special instrument for the presentation of reports or results.

Leveraging these features, the beginning of the 21st century made it the most important tool in boardrooms, convention centers, web conferences and in executive offices around the world.

Even though in recent years tools for presentations that project to be somewhat more sophisticated in design have come to light but can’t outreach the simplicity of PowerPoint in academic and business fields.

According to users, simplicity and practicality make PowerPoint the ideal tool to present management reports, market research results, presentations of new products, among other business data.

It gives companies complete control over how to display data and information on their slides, including the ability to add logos, corporate colors, background images and other resources alluding to their organizational culture.

In general terms, PowerPoint allows:

Design personalized slides or use predesigned formats
The introduction of text and its variation in size and colors adjusting them to the needs of the user
Versatile use of images and schemes to better understand the subject
Ability to import graphics and tables from other tools such as Excel or Word
Add audiovisual material
Using animation to make content more attractive and emphasizing
Create hyperlinks and interact with formats from other platforms

Companies can create a variety of material with this program, including employee training, customer support guides, sales brochures, marketing materials and many more, making it an ideal tool for businesses to echo their results and reports.