Reasons why you need an animated explainer video

Reasons why you need an animated explainer video

To rank high on Google search engine, it is essential for a visitor to stay on the website for a longer time. An animated explainer video helps in boosting the growth of your business with its affordability and effectiveness, hence making it a great marketing tool. Here are some reasons why you need an animated explainer video for your business.

Increase conversion rates

According to a survey, people tend to buy products that are accompanied by an explainer video. These videos help to track users who can lead to conversion. Through animated videos, you can check the potential audience behaviour about a product or service with the metrics that it displays in the form of views, likes, and comments.

Know the objective of your product

Sometimes understanding the text content can be tricky and difficult to interpret by the reader. With animated explainer videos complex communications can be explained in a simpler manner by helping the audience to connect well. It is because people tend to gain a better understanding of your product or service when they see what they hear.

Rank high in Google search

Websites that are dull and contain plain text with images rank low in Google search. This may even hamper the conversion rate. Therefore, having a compelling explainer video will help in gaining the audience’s attention, hence leading to increased conversion and website traffic. Statistically, websites with animated videos rank high in Google universal searches.

Grabs the audience’s attention

According to a study, on an average, a person retains only 10 percent of what they hear and 50 percent of what they see. With this data, word-of-mouth advertising in the form of an animated video captivates the customer’s interest and engages them with the product or service.

Showcases your personality

A customer gains a sense of trust in your brand and its products when they see what you are selling. By creating a virtual connection via an animated explainer video, customers get aware of the information you are trying to showcase. It not only enhances the popularity of your brand, but it helps to boost sales as well.