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Dedicated design resources, on demand
for $3700/month 

Your team, our payroll.

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    What is 1 + 1 ?

    Outsourced Design Resources,
    Dedicated For Your Enterprise

    Skilled Resources

    • Augment your team with highly skilled and experienced India-based designers, at a fraction of the cost of hiring your in-house team.
    • Access backup resources when your project demands extra hands, urgent support, or if a resource becomes unavailable.
    • Resources have access to all technology and tools including but not limited to graphic authoring tools, productivity tools, vast image library, etc.
    • No binding commitments, whether it’s a short-term, long-term or project-based requirement.
    • Flexible engagement model – time and material as well as retainer.

    Efficiency and High Availability

    • Monitor efficiency and productivity of the team through time-tracking, and project management tools.
    • Resources mapped to your time zones, whether that involves mirroring your time zone, working a mid-shift or operating within the Indian time zone.
    • Access a multi-skilled team that can deliver a range of collateral including but not limited to presentations.
    • Streamline communication with a single point of contact, if needed.

    Security and Reliability

    • Comprehensive background checks cover criminal history, employment records, and address verification to ensure trusted and verified resources.
    • Complete confidentiality with strict NDAs signed by both us and our resources individually.
    • Deeply managed information security controls and infrastructure to safeguard your details.
    • The team consists of full-time in-house employees, not freelancers.

    Say hello to...

    • Hassle free hiring and training
    • Cost savings due to labour arbitrage
    • Faster turnaround and high availability due to time zone difference
    • Scaling up or down based on demand
    • Hiring a multiskilled team
    • No binding long term commitments
    • Zero technology and infrastructure cost
    • Real-time communication
    • Reliable and diverse team of top design talent
    • Transparent and cost-effective pricing

    Say goodbye to...

    • Hiring and training hassle and its associated costs 
    • Unexpected delays 
    • Management nightmares 
    • Bad employee behavior and excuses 
    • Inflated employee salaries and joining bonuses 
    • Back and forth joining negotiations and annual salary hike 
    • Unending search for talented resources 
    • Investing in expensive tech & infrastructure
    You are in
    secure hands
    We understand the importance of data confidentiality. All resources are mandated to sign strict confidentiality and non disclosure agreements at the time of joining.

    With our deeply managed information security controls in place, you can count on us to keep your data and information, safe and secure at all times. Rest assured that your trust is paramount, and we take every measure necessary to ensure utmost protection and privacy throughout our engagement. 

    Temp design resources, on demand

    Temp design resources, on demand


    Per Resource / month
    • Experienced and talented design resources
    • 176 login hours per month (India day shift)
    • Hardware & software licenses including Design Authoring Tools & Microsoft 365
    • Information security controls & confidentiality
    • Access to library of stock images
    • Full support with talent acquisition, retention, up-skilling and attrition management
    • Cancel anytime

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