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Creative designing as a career

Creative designing as a career: 6 reasons why you should go for this career option

Source: India Today

The digital economy is booming, and businesses are betting on creative campaigns for their brand marketing. The innovation in the digital world is continuing to create exposure and job opportunities of the future. Choosing creative designing as a career to pursue is one of the best options that also offers a myriad of opportunities for the exposure of the designers. Read Dharmendra Ahuja sharing the reasons why one should go for creative designing as a career option.

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Start-up positioning- PitchWorx

Start-Up Positioning: Here’s How Creative Agencies Effectively Position Your Start-Up

Source: BusinessWorld

A creative agency emphasizes on sprucing up multiple branding elements and strategies to help the start-up in expanding its customer outreach. Read what Dharmendra Ahuja has to say about Start-up positioning.

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It's about well-designed and well-curated content

It’s all about well-curated, well-designed content

Source: MediaBrief

Design and a focus on aesthetics are the key generals in business today. Mediabrief caught up with Dharmendra Ahuja, who talked about PitchWorx, industry trends, and how a holistic design agency empowers pitches.

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How to get business and economy back

How to get business and economy back

Source: NewsX

Hear Dharmendra Ahuja, Founder and CEO of PitchWorx on NewsX (Direct News Private Limited) in association with Business World speaking on 'How to get business and economy back'.

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Pitch Deck

4 startups helping you make great Investor Decks

Source: SiliconIndia

Experimental minds produce successful business ideas. To grow in the business, it has to be pitched well. There are several startups that help businesses in preparing the best pitch to be presented to the investors. A pitch deck is an essential tool for communicating, planning, and focusing at the early stages of all venture. Here are the 4 startups that can help you in making great pitch decks.

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