Know how to build a storyboard


Creating a video, animation, campaign, or a presentation is as difficult as it is to write a book without a script and construct a building without a blueprint. From a junior designer to an art director, storyboarding helps in organizing and planning your ideas. With storyboarding, you get the structure to work without wasting any time or resources. Want to know how to build a storyboard? Here is the guide to get started.

What is a storyboard and how you can build your own storyboard?

A storyboard is a sequential breakdown of each element in a visual presentation through live-action video, animation, marketing campaign, or a sales pitch. It helps you to organize and prepare each shot in an effective and intuitive order with which you know what, when, and how to proceed. 

What are the elements of a storyboard?

Storyboards are varied creations that can be used for multiple purposes, projects, and industries. But to know what a storyboard should look like and what goes into a successful storyboard, here are there are some elements of a storyboard:


Panels are the small, square or rectangular frames that represent a specific shot or visual component of your project. They are made each page or slide of your storyboard.


These are the elements and infographics that you use to fill the panels. They can either be a hand-drawn illustration, original photos, stock images, or a combination of all.

Titles and Captions

Storyboards have panels that are accompanied by titles and captions on them that point out certain actions, shots, dialogues, character actions and sequences. They help to add content to the panels or imagery with frames that have colourful illustrations to demonstrate. It is not necessary to include all the elements in a storyboard; you can mix and match them according to your visualization.

How can you build your own storyboard?

Storyboards can be built in an old school way by drawing them by hand or digitally with any tool that creates individual panels. With the tools, first, you need to pick the storyboarding elements that are right for your project and second pull inspiration from the fellow creators like you.  This will help you in organizing your ideas in a better way and will make the process easier to tackle.
So now that you know how to build a storyboard, the only question now is, what will you storyboard?
Let’s start building our thoughts!