How to improve collaboration between designer and client

collaboration between designer and client

Having a good collaboration between designer and client leads to the improved design process and creates an atmosphere of trust. Since both of them have different personalities, here is how you can improve designer and client relationship for better project delivery.

Focus on change

Starting with a common saying, ‘The only constant is change’, is it true? When you work with a creative agency, their focus is not on creating a brand that is a copy of something. Rather, their focus lies on creating a distinct identity with an open mind. Creative agencies consider a collaborative approach which means they allow companies to get involved in the design process. This way, they trust that the results will be great.


Communication should always be a two-way thing. Before beginning the project, understand the expectations and deliverables properly. If there are any concerns, communicate with the client. Take time to listen instead of dismissing what they want to say. This creates a level of trust and leads to better collaboration between the designer and the client.

Include a process for feedback

The design process can be arduous especially when there are teams and multiple stakeholders working together. With different opinions finding common feedback can be tedious. Therefore for a collective voice, a team has to be on the same page and use feedback as an opportunity to work with the brand. This way there will be no gaps between the brand and creative design.

Ask the right set of questions

Most of the clients are not designers. They may not be aware of the choice of color tone, content placement, typeface, ratios, and more. Therefore as a creative design agency, we should communicate the right thing to the client. Be should be patient and should ask them the right set of questions.

Be flexible

It is a tedious and time-consuming job for creative designers to decide the appropriate color palette, fonts, and other design elements. But there may be cases where your client is not into it. It’s time to step ahead and take their feedback. Understand their requirements and collaborate with their thinking to derive the best outcome.

Personalities and perspectives differ. Building a relationship with clients requires understanding their viewpoint and knowing what they value. Build the foundation to create the best outputs.