How social cover banners can be used as an effective marketing tool

Social Cover banner

Don’t ignore the presence of your social cover banners on the top of the page. These banners are valuable marketing real estate as they are the first thing that catches the attention of a user when he lands on your page. The social cover banner is clickable which gets directed to the image description. Through the image descriptions, we can be load up links to drive traffic to our website, e-shop, blog post, event page, or a newsletter. The banners should be engaging that acts as a quick guide to the visitors on the page. Here we’ll explore some means to how social cover banners can be used as an effective marketing tool.

Showcase your offering and share your brand mission

Social cover banners are the best place to strut your brand communication with the right design, illustration, and content. They could be a potential customer’s first introduction to your brand, so brands might consider using social cover banners to communicate their brand mission, slogan, tagline, or a testimonial from happy clients. To make the landing page visually appealing to the users, an animated cover showcasing your latest video content or campaign can be used.

Promote other social channels

Through these banners, you can invite your social media following to engage with you across all the channels by incorporating social handles (such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook) into the social cover design. They may even be a place to promote your podcast, webinar, any upcoming event or new product launch.

Create buzz for a campaign

Design of a social cover banner should be aesthetic, and messaging should be aligned with your brand’s latest communication to build awareness around new campaigns. This will help in communicating the right message on time.

Draw attention to your CTA buttons

Call-to-action buttons such asContact Us’, ‘Learn More’, ‘Shop’, ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Sign Up’ are necessary along with the visual appeal of the social cover banner. These buttons allow your fans and new visitors to take action and get redirected to the page. While choosing the right call-to-action button, pay attention to where the buttons will be positioned in relation to your cover and compose your design accordingly.

Promote an event or special offer

Social cover banners need not be static; they should be dynamic. You can communicate about any upcoming event, sales, competitions, pop-ups, collaborations, and anything that keeps your audience engaged. To get a high click-through rate from the banner, include a CTA in its design and feature links to the relevant page or website.

Celebrate team and milestones

Users engage with brand stories, so celebrate every business birthday, milestones, achievements on your social cover banner. You can even use this space to celebrate your give due credit to your team members.