How Mickey Mouse came to our lives with 2D charcater animation

We’ve grown up watching lovable cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Snow White and Popeye the Sailor Man on TV! They were live characters, who talked and moved and interacted with us. But how many of us actually tried to push the envelope and explore the science behind those characters in those pure days?

How did they come to life? How were they so like us, they talked and walked and did what we do yet looked so different? For all those curious minds and every interested soul out there, 2D animation brought these characters to live.  Yes, several hours have gone into developing and spawning those unforgettable animated cartoon characters using 2D character animation.

What is 2D animation?

Objects move and transform on screen in a two dimension set-up in 2D animation. It can be done by creating images applying traditional celluloid or in present times by using computerized animation soft wares. Back-to-back images are put in a sequence or “frames” creating the illusion of movement when each image comes after the next in gradual advancement of steps. Generally, these images are shown at the 24 frames per second or even faster for “befool” the eye into perceiving motion. A 2D character animation video or characters are created using this principle.

Factors to bear in mind in 2D animation.

Never start drawing images without a clear plan in mind. Never!

Convey a clear message to your audience. Never leave them in doubt.

A good story is the backbone of animation. Even the best of tools and techniques goes for a toss without a backup of a strong storyboard.

A good understanding of motion principles, good drawing or pictures, and a good animation software.

What software to use for 2D animation

An animation software adds action and movement to fixed objects. Images that are vector drawn or bit mapped are mainly used by most of the soft wares.

Some of the leading Softwares around are:

Photoshop – Animation window may be hidden by default in Photoshop. So simply, click on the menu bar on top, go to Window > Animation the animation panel can be seen.

Adobe Flash

Adobe After Effects and

Adobe Premiere

ToonBoom – check Wikipedia

Pencil (free)

Animation Workshop

Claymation Studio

Keep a few points in mind when you’re looking for a 2D Character Animation Software

What are the features

An animation software should be easy to use and should consist of all necessary tools and provide solutions to all the queries that may arise while doing a project. Unless it’s packed with some other add-on facilities you may want to stick to, you might as well pass over the software devoid of necessary features.

A program with more features for all the independent, tech-savvy animators is preferred to others, not at par with it. Functionality and easy-to-use features go well with the pickiest lot.

When you’re doing animation exchange of files and saving of projects are things that happen regularly. Keep in mind that you don’t get a hard time doing this in the software of your choice. Options to import various types of files and saving of files in other file formats are featured to keep a keen eye on.

As it is animation is a time consuming, intricate process that requires a lot of detailing. An animation software should be easy-to-use for small changes regularly done in the whole animation process.

The right software will make your landing in the field of 2D character animation an easy and smooth ride! Have fun and explore this unique world with oodles of confidence to perhaps create beloved, memorable characters! And be with us for our next post on different types of 2D animation!