Creating experiences: An overview of a user interface (UI)

User Interface Design

A user interface design is a fundamental part of user experience design. It enables the way through which a user interacts with the digital or physical product. To make the decision-making process easier, a user interface helps to complete the tasks and receive feedback.

Properties of user-friendly UI

To design a user-friendly UI, there are certain properties that need to be followed. The design functionality should create a fine balance between technical functionality and visual elements that are pliable to varying user needs. The UI design should also help users to stay engaged with the product. Another aspect is the ease-of-use of the user interface. The user should become easily familiar with the UI design so that he can effortlessly navigate. It should be designed in a manner so that it is easy for a user to recall how to interact on visits to the product.

For engaging user experience, you can add animations, sound interactions, or compelling content making it functional and reliable. A user is fully engaged with the product when it is designed and created as per the needs of the user.

Types of UI

These days, user interfaces are graphical user interfaces (GUI). It allows users to interact through icons and an audio indicator instead of text-based user interfaces, typed command labels, and text navigation.

The next step ahead is gesture interfaces that allow users to control the computer using gestures of the human body. In gesture recognition technology, a camera reads the human gestures and then communicates the input to control devices.

The other type is conventional user interfaces (CUI) that are screenless and headless. These interfaces imitate a conversation with a human and then take the form of chatbots or voice assistants. With the simple and intuitive user interface, users can interact with it anywhere and anytime.


A user interface is the access point of a product with a person who is interacting. For a user-friendly interface, it should be functional, reliable, and engaging. So if the UI is right the product will be successful.