5 freemiums that entrepreneurs cannot afford to miss out on!

If you’re planning on starting your own business, chances are you’re looking for propositions that help you save on cash. The point is, most entrepreneurs don’t realize that they can start their own business without entailing tremendous financial costs, straight up!


If you put in some research, you’d stumble across freemiums (softwares and applications) that are perfect alternatives to fully-paid software applications. Irrespective of whether you’re looking for accounting solutions, CRM systems or web design softwares, you’d find them in plenty on the internet.

Check these out!

1. QuickBooks

Small business face a lot of problems everyday, most of them being related to accounting. To do away with everyday lacunae, Intuit offers QuickBooks, an important tool to maintain your business accounting. Manage your accounts, payrolls and payments faster with QuickBooks!

2. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is the only unified software that allows companies to adopt a customer-centric model. With this wonderful freemium application, companies can engage prospects, sell better and retain more! This can be done through email marketing, social media engagement, post-sales implementation and good customer service.

3. Inkscape

With a great business come great responsibilities! You’d be required to tweak around with graphics while designing your company’s logo. Worrying about spending too much on design tools? Well, not anymore! Download Inkscape, a fine tool for designing vector images, logos and other graphics that your business may require. This software allows you to trace bitmaps and perform path operations. A must download for those into graphic design businesses!


If you’re not much of a web designer, yet still want your company to have online presence, then Weebly is your one-stop solution. This amazing web application allows you to create a simple website just by dragging and dropping! How cool is that?

5. MailChimp

As your business grows, you need a resource that allows sending bulk emails and helps track their efficacy. MailChimp is the one-stop e-mail marketing solution. The program’s drag and drop editor allows you to design attractive and customizable emails, to assist your marketing strategy. Along with it, you get free analytics that would allow you to keep a tab on the effectiveness of your campaign! With over 3 million users swearing by MailChimp, it’s definitely a must have.