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3D Video and

Design Services

We bring your ideas to life

With our affordable pricing, high quality output, advanced infrastructure, latest tools and technologies combined with a quick turnaround time; our 3d animation explainer video company helps showcase your vision in a 3-dimensional structure.

PitchWorx - 3d animation design agency


3D Modelling and Visualization

We are a 3d animation design agency that takes your flat 2D idea and turn it into a 3D structure with precise measurements and angles. We are pretty much wizards with heavy duty computer systems.



3D Rendering

At our 3d animation video maker company, we use different methods for photorealistic rendering, or real-time rendering to deliver a model that looks exactly like what you had in mind.



Architectural 3D Walkthrough

Through our architectural 3D modeling service, we cater to a clientele involving architects, general contractors, stakeholders, owners, and builders. We precisely interpret both the exterior and interior of your buildings so you get exact the visual you had been envisioning.



3D Automotive Design

For our 3D Automotive Design Services, our team searches for style and modifies the volumes until we find the right balance between technique and style. Our artists at PitchWorx will create great 3D models and work on smart industrial designs that can win public trust and support.


Our Approach

Driven by creativity and passion we always deliver visually impactful designs on time and within budget

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling


Make A Kick-off Call

Our services start with a briefing or kick-off call, wherein we deep dive into what you do and how to best capture that in a video format. With a broad clarity of your business, we assess the objectives, audience, deliverables, and timeline.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling


Undertstanding Content

Before moving onto the next stage, we will review the content you provide and assess whether it’s aligned with the objectives you have mentioned in the previous stage. Understand that content is the king here, to begin with it will help your message shine through. If needed, we may abridge or modify the content to some extent until we have a fitting Script.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling


Storyboarding & Visualization

The next step in our workflow is storyboarding to help you visualize the script. The storyboard will illustrate the keyframes, scene transitions, along with voiceover text on screen. This is to help you get an overview of the end product and minimize errors along the way.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling


Design Theme Finalization

After a blueprint of the video is created in the storyboarding stage, we incorporate technical elements like 3D modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering, this essentially adds depth, movement, technical accuracy and realism.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling



In order to move onto the voiceover stage, we need you to lock in the narration style that sets the right tone for your video. You can have your pick from simply any language in the world.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling


Animation and Graphics

It all comes together at the Animation stage when our team of designers manipulates the objects on a frame-by-frame basis. This step is arguably the most complex and may take the longest time, but we make sure to assign our best people for the job.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling


Multi-step Quality check

Everyone makes a few mistakes – they are all part of the design process. However, to not rectify these would be a blunder, hence we’ve put in place a multi-step quality check and review process to ensure every minor mistake is identified and rectified before it goes to you for your review.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling


Project Feedback & Review

The project isn’t complete unless you have reviewed and shared your comments with us. With your feedback, all the holes are plugged in, the i's are dotted, and the t’s are crossed before we send it to you for a final review.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling


Final Result Delivery

It’s a wrap! Keeping in mind your feedback, we preen, polish, and compile the deliverables so that it not only looks stunning, but it’s ready to wow your audience as well.

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