3 TED Talk takeaways for Thought Leaders

When Technology, Entertainment and Design converged at an annual conference in 1984, it left everyone speechless! That was the conception of the TED (an abbreviation for Technology, Entertainment and Design) which featured prominent speakers and personalities from all around the world who delivered their pedagogy over subjects that mattered. This ‘coming together of speakers’ conference boasted of some big names like Bill Clinton, Stephen Hawking, Bono, Al Gore and many high-roller entrepreneurs who had made an impact through their work.

The non-profit entity devotes itself to spreading ideas, packed in the form of short yet epoch making talks that span a maximum of 18 minutes. From making its humble beginnings as a colloquium for technology, entertainment and design, it later began addressing global issues- all that in over 100 languages.

The TED model has even found its way into college education, where teachers have adopted the speaking style and have interwoven them with lectures, aiming at delivering an impact. The whole model speaks out on how to move people to take action. So profound is the whole learning process, that it is a medium of driving a

There are many takeaways from TED talks which have been mentioned in this blogpost:

1. Spread ideas and play upon them

The intent behind TED talks is to spread ideas. TED talks often go viral because the speakers speak so passionately about their ideas that it stirs the audience into action. A key idea is delivered in every session and is spoken about at length by entrepreneurs. How well an entrepreneur can sell his/her idea is what’s to be learned from TED talks. One should understand that people don’t invest in products/service just because they need them. People purchase them because they believe the products/services will solve problems.
A successful product/service spawns an insightful TED Talk! This is because people can get a believeable review on that very product/service.

2. They speak about Innovations

Improving upon ideas is the biggest takeaway from TED Talks from around the world. The whole idea is to improve upon an already built foundation. This can be learned from many prominent speakers who decided to think beyond ordinary and transform everyday products into major life changers. Such thought leaders are the ones that eventually drive a change.

3. The art of presentation and speaking well

Even if you overlook the first two, you’re bound to buy this one! TED Talks offer an insight into how the art of public speaking is a noteworthy takeaway. Entrepreneurs aren’t only the ones with ideas that make it big; they are the ones who can successfully convey their ideas to the audience. They have everything set in place, right from the diction they use to the PowerPoint Presentation design templates; they fuse in compelling storytelling to deliver you their ideas! Selling was always about communication and that is something entrepreneurs should be adept at.

Let powerful talks move you and help you through the course of your business. Let TED Talks ride the new wave of communication!

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