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Challenges and Opportunities For E-Commerce Startups In India

India has been a hotbed for global business conglomerates, for close to a decade now. International MNCs have been very liberal in their ‘India Investments’. Although the Indian e-commerce industry is healthy and thriving, startups face many challenges, even while opportunities are abundant. Let’s explore the opportunities first; Globalisation is defined as the integration of […]

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Corporate Branding

The Significance of Corporate Branding

A brand is a unique identity that gives a business recognition and differentiates its products and services from other brand names, in an increasingly competitive market. The process of branding involves creating a distinctive image, name, symbol, slogan, sign or design, for a particular business or organization, that establishes a business in the mind of […]

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Video Marketing

Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

Leveraging content marketing has been downright favorable for marketers in 2017, but to maintain growth, the same trends can’t be incorporated in 2018. New-age digital marketers must transform into the ever-dynamic marketing landscape. The digital marketing space is shifting, and the consumers are demanding a more homogenized experience, wherein the call for unified customization of […]

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